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Home Care

Don’t have a pet, but would like for some one to check on your home, water your plants and give your home the appearance that someone is there while you’re away? There is no need to depend on your neighbor next door or the middle school kid across the street anymore. While they may have the best intentions, they are not trained for what might happen, insured, bonded, nor have they undergone a criminal background check.

Your sitter will come to your home and bring in the mail, flyers, and newspapers, alternate lights, rotate blinds, water any indoor plants and perform thorough home security checks.

A home security check consists of your sitter walking through your entire home and the perimeter of your backyard making sure nothing is out of the ordinary, ensuring all windows and doors are locked, and properly activating the security system, if available, upon leaving.

Home care visits are the perfect way to help prevent burglaries, and to give you peace of mind while you’re away from home for extended periods. Request a free in-home consultation now by clicking here!

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