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In-Home Overnight Sitting

What are you going to do with your pet when you go out of town? Take the risk of getting your pet sick at a kennel? Or impose on a neighbor, family member, or friend? Of course not! You’re going to use our in-home overnight sitting service, which is the perfect solution for when you go on your next vacation or go on that upcoming business trip.

We will come to your home and spend the night with your pet. We will give your pet lots of love, playtime, and attention, as well as feed them an evening and morning meal, let them out to do their business, clean up any pet waste they leave behind, replenish their water supply, and for cats, a scooping of the litter box. Additionally, we will bring in the mail, flyers, and newspapers, alternate lights, rotate blinds, water any indoor plants and perform home security checks.

A home security check consists of your pet sitter walking through your entire home and the perimeter of your backyard making sure nothing is out of the ordinary, ensuring all windows and doors are locked, and properly activating the security system, if available, upon leaving. Our pet sitters will typically arrive at 6 p.m. and leave at 8 a.m. the next day.

In-home overnight visits are a great alternative to the stressful atmosphere of a kennel, where kennel cough and other airborne diseases are common, and your pet will generally be confined to a small cage. They are also great in preventing burglaries, maintaining your pets normal routine, and giving you peace of mind that your pet is safe and happy.

Hurry! Time’s a wasting! Request a free in-home consultation now by clicking here so we can schedule an in-home overnight visit for your pet while you’re on your next vacation or business trip!

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