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Pet Visits

Do you work long hours, or are you going on a business trip or vacation? Relax! We’ve got it handled! Pet visits are perfect for when you have to work those long days, or you have to go on a business trip, or you’re just taking a relaxing vacation.

We will come to your home during the morning, midday, or evening and give your pet lots of love, playtime, and attention, as well as let them take care of their business, clean up any pet waste they leave behind, provide a feeding, replenish their water supply, and for cats, we’ll scoop their litter box. We can also bring in the mail, flyers, and newspapers, alternate lights, rotate blinds, water any indoor plants and perform home security checks.

Pet visits are available for all types of pets (dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, fish, birds, snakes, etc.), and are available in 30 minute increments up to an hour.

Don’t wait! That trip will be here before you know it! Request a free in-home consultation now by clicking here so we can schedule visits for your pet!

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