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At ARF! Pet Care, we exist to serve you and your pets, and to exceed your expectations in a fun, professional, dependable, and secure manner. Take a second and read some of the testimonials below from our satisfied clients!

"I thought it was great that you firm was willing to do something that you didn't advertise for--watering our yard and taking care of the plants. Michelle did a great job what with the temperatures in the 100's. Bless you all for helping me out!"
-Patrice Q., Newport News, VA

"Sam greeted us at the door and was very excited. This is the first time we have ever been away without him. Alisha was great!"
-Carolyn C., Newport News, VA

"ARF! Pet Care is the best pet care service I have ever used. I have two older dogs, big dogs, that are not used to being left alone and are easily upset when they are taken to someone elses house. I have used ARF! twice now and when I came to pick up the dogs the second time, they did not want to leave. That says a lot for the quality of care they received while I was gone. My dogs consider ARF! a second home. I would recommend Jonathan and Jen to anyone who needs a quality pet sitter."
-Jennifer W., Norfolk, VA

"Everything looked great! Their cat box areas were very clean, she spot cleaned a furball accident on our bed, the mail was brought in, and my plants are still alive! She did a great job and I felt extremely at ease knowing she was taking care of things here at home."
-Grace H., Newport News, VA

"You guys are doing a great job! Mika loves Dana, and Dana has been awesome with her! We're extremely satisfied, and know that our beloved puppy is getting excellent care while we are at work."
-Donna E., Newport News, VA

"I can't imagine leaving our dogs in better hands than with Jonathan. I am extremely over-protective of our dogs and have already recommended ARF! Pet Care to them because I was extremely satisfied with the care they received and the piece of mind I had leaving them."
-Eileen L., Poquoson, VA

"Lexi greeted us enthusiastically and our pet sitter was wonderful!"
-Gina D., Newport News, VA

"ARF! Pet Care IS the standard of excellence in pet care services. Moving from Florida, I was very nervous about finding someone to take good care of my dog for a week while I waited to move into my new place. To my surprise, I received regular updates and even got the chance to see some pictures of my boy during our week apart! I am already scheduling my next pet-sitting appointment and would recommend ARF! to anyone who is looking for quality and professional pet sitting care."
-Chris A., Norfolk, VA

"Very friendly, professional pet sitting service! We'd use ARF! again :-)"
-Carey C., Yorktown, VA

"I would recommend ARF! Pet Care to anyone and everyone. You all did a wonderful job. We thank you and will be using you in the future. Wish we did more stuff where we needed you more but you definitely provide a wonderful, fantastic service."
-Kristin G., Newport News, VA

"Thanks for taking such good care of my cats! They greeted me when I came in and started purring and wanted to play. They seemed very happy and well cared for."
-Katherine M., Yorktown, VA

"We have 4 pets, a large breed dog, 2 Dachshunds and a cat. We were going out of town and didn't want to kennel our beloved furry children. We found ARF! and they were nothing but professional through the experience, from first contact to follow through. We will use them again in the future for our pet care needs, our furbabies were happy and healthy when we came home, our Pet Sitter left the house as if it was never inhabited. This is a wonderful service."
-Julie T., Newport News, VA

"I'm so glad I found you guys and the service! I don't know what we'd do without you. The pups love their walks with Sherry too!"
-Jenni W., Newport News, VA

"We appreciate the pet care services of ARF! Our dog acts as if he never left home even after several days of being away. He was very happy for our return but was not distressed. ARF! is very professional and will take care of your pet as if it was their own. They provide an outstanding service and we will use them again."
-Larry R., Newport News, VA

"Our dogs loved Heather. She did a wonderful job. We would definitely hire ARF again and especially request Heather. Thank you for family peace of mind while out of town and for the loving care our furry family members received in our absence."
-Regina H., Yorktown, VA

"Tammy did great!  Our babies were so happy when I returned home! When we boarded them with the vet last time, Angel seemed a little "down", but not this time!  We will definitely be using ARF! Pet Care again in the future. Thank you for your services!"
-Stephanie P., Newport News, VA

"My dog is always happy to see me after a visit from Brenda. My dog loves having a chance to get some exercise while we are at work all day. Brenda has done everything we have asked her to do and more. She often leaves nice notes about how our dog behaved on that day or what they did inside the house if the weather is bad outside."
-Andrea N., Yorktown, VA

"Heather was great!  I'll use ARF!'s services again come July. :) Thanks again."
-Megan D., Newport News, VA

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